Your Hair Extensions Journey


Visit us for your hair extensions consultation - we then prepare your own tailor made luxury Russian hair extensions - call 01903 539968

Step 1 – Book your Consultation

 If you are thinking of getting hair extensions the first step is to get in touch with us.

Call: 01903 539968 Email:

For immediate questions about your suitability for hair extensions, please take a look at our FAQs. 


Step 2 – Attend your Consultation

We will discuss your requirements for your dream look and check the condition of your hair to ensure your hair is suitable for extensions. Whether you would like to achieve incredible volume, sensational length - or both - we will advise you on the best course of action to take to ensure your hair is completely transformed!

We want you to feel delighted with the result of your extensions and in order to create your desired look we use the finest, 100% human Russian hair of the highest quality

One of the most important stages of the consultation is to match your hair colour to our extensions, making sure we have the closest match for your hair for beautiful blending and to make your new length look as natural as possible. This can involve the use of different coloured extensions which can be worked into your hair to achieve a blended, or highlighted effect which perfectly matches the colours and tones of your own hair. 

Once you are happy to go ahead with your new look we ask for an initial 50% deposit to secure your service. We then order and prepare your bespoke hair extensions which are perfectly tailored to your needs.


Step 3 – It's install day!

We love your install day as much as you do and it starts before you even step through the salon door!

We carefully prepare your new hair prior to your arrival to ensure you don't need to spend longer in the chair than is necessary.

On the day of your application, we ask that you wash your hair but ensure that you do not apply any conditioner to the root area, as this may cause the bonds to slip.

The install process usually takes two to four hours depending on the amount of hair you have ordered. In the mean time, you can sit back and relax whilst we create your stunning new look.

We use the Micro Ring extension method also known as Micro Loop in order to attach your new extensions to your natural hair. Micro Ring Extensions lead the field as their comfort, longevity, ease of application and removal stand apart from older methods.

Once all of your new extensions are in place we style your new longer, thicker hair so you can leave the salon feeling fabulous with your brand new look.


Step 4 – Looking after your hair

At your install we will provide you with all the information you need to look after your hair at home.

If you require any further information we are always here to help! Feel free to give us a call: 01903 539968 or drop us an email:


Step 5 – Loyalty to your hair maintenance

Maintenance appointments, also known as a refit, are essential for ensuring your hair is kept in a beautiful condition.

We will discuss how long to leave between regular maintenance appointments at your install and this usually depends on the speed in which your natural hair grows.

If you have had your hair installed elsewhere we are happy to assist with regular maintenances. Make sure you get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Step 6 – Out with the old, In with the new

Our Russian hair extensions, with regular maintenance appointments, can last many months before being refreshed with a new set of hair extensions making them exceptional value for money.

When you are ready to remove the extensions permanently, you will be surprised at the ease of the process: we simply open the rings and remove each extension from your hair. 

No glue, no wax, no weaving, and no tape are used in applying your beautiful hair extensions.


Micro / Nano ring hair extensions fittings and maintenance prices click here